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for the round bars

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The Landgraf chamfering machines are suitable for chamfer and facing (or just chamfer) of round, square or hexagonal bars, made of steel or non-ferrous material, raw or peeled.


The process of chamfering is made by positioning one bar at a time in front of an operating unit equipped with tools, which by means of vertical and axial movements, perform the milling and chamfering of the end of the bar.

The depth of the facing and chamfering are adjustable, as well as for the angle of the bevel. The machines are equipped with fully automatic systems that provide the routing, separating, transporting and unloading of the bars, in complete safety and with low noise levels.

  • The milled face is flat and perpendicular to the axis of the bar.
  • Best use of tools , the outside sharps in fact are used for milling, while those internal to perform chamfering.
  • High accuracy and regular worked surface without vibrations.
  • Silent handling of the bars. The transporter raises, translates and deposits the bars without let them roll or crush.

The range of models included in the standard manufacturing program covers the field size ranging from 15 mm to 130 mm.

We can also provide customized versions, to meet the different needs about qualitative and productive availability of spaces. On request, the installations of chamfering may also include of the cutting units (a sanding or metallic disk) for trimming and cutting to size of the bars with high precision, or the double bevelling of the two ends of the bar at the same time.

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