Machines and complete plants

for the round bars

cold finishing


The LANDGRAF company was established in 1962 by our founder Fernando Landgraf and over the years it has specialized in the production of machines and complete plants for the production of straightened and peeled bars and if necessary adjusted with extremely precise dimensional tolerances.

The production program includes a wide range of models to suit the different needs in terms of production and quality.

The long experience, the use of the most modern methods of design with 3D solid modelling, the use of dedicated software for the management of the plants and the comparison with the needs of our customers, led us in a leading position in the market sector.

Proposing advanced machines that allow the production of peeled and rectified bars of the highest quality, with low processing cost.


LANDGRAF is from long time a globally known company and exports its products all over the world, providing its customers a product designed to optimize the production, keeping the cost down while always having an excellent quality.

All this is possible thanks to people who have a great experience in the cold finishing, based on generations of hard work and innovations, which are able to face every challenge with enthusiasm and make sure that the customers can count every time on the support and expertise of skilled technicians and engineers who will help you get what you need.

Landgraf is a growing company that offers on the world market products of excellent quality at competitive prices.


A highly qualified staff analyses and studies with the customer complete production lines to fulfil production requirements and optimize costs.


We have the passion, the resources and the means to meet your requirements and provide the most innovative, reliable and accurate products in the steel industry.


All our products are designed and created to last with low maintenance cost and maintaining excellent accuracy.

Peelers for round bars

Straightening for round bars

Chamfering and facing


Grinding machines centerless for bars

Integrated productions lines


INVITATION to the presentation of the new Peeling Machines 80KI and 200SI

You can see the new peeling machines during its inspection by our workshops from 26/01/2016 to 06/02/2016. We are very glad to invite you in our company to show the machines with the following main featu .....




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