Machines and complete plants

for the round bars

cold finishing

September 12th, 1962: Dinner after the creation of the company.

On the left: eng. Landgraf, eng. Calow – On the right: some collaborators

The production

The factory nowadays



The Landgraf Company was founded in September 12th, 1962 by Engineer Fernando Landgraf.


This young engineer with German father and Italian mother, acquired work experiences in Italy and Germany but decided to fix the headquarters of his company the “Landgraf S.p.A”. in Milan, first in Delle Bande Nere street and after in the historical site of Negrotto street.


The company was established even before the “signature of the foundation”, and found its roots in the previous years with the tight collaboration between the brilliant minds of Eng. Landgraf and the German Eng. Calow, founder of the homonymous company (historical builder of processing plants for steelworks). This collaboration was also encouraged by the strong economic boom occurred in Italy during the 50’s and the 60’s, for this reason the German company (Calow) sought  a support and an access on the Italian market.


The remarkable resourcefulness of the company has led to the birth of four types of products: Peelers, Straightening, Grinding and Chamfering machines, all with innovative features that differed from the German product.


The company’s philosophy has always been to create exclusively machines for bars cold finishing. Our products are the synthesis of the German technique combined with the Italian inventive.


We have provided complete production lines to major steelworks and wire mills in the world market, which can boast a finished product bar peeled, rolled, grinded with the highest quality.


In 1998 Engineer Landgraf decided to join the German Multinational group SMS, in order to expand markets for the company’s future. The "Landgraf S.p.A." becomes the "SMS Eumunco S.p.A. Landgraf division".


Afterwards the Engineer Massimo Santambrogio passed from the technical leadership of the company to the leadership of the Italian division of SMS Eumunco S.p.A.. Meanwhile, Engineer Landgraf given the advanced age, continues to work with the company as an advisor.


In these years there was a corporate restructuring, with the transfer in the most modern and organic site in Achille Grandi street in Mazzo di Rho, in the Milan's fair area.


In 2005 Eng. Santambrogio, realizing the historical and real potential of the market and of the factory, in agreement with the multinational SMS, took over the division, returning to the name "Landgraf S.r.l."


The even closer cooperation between Eng. Landgraf and Eng Santambrogio and the joining in the company of the two Eng. Santambrogio's sons Mattia e Nicolò, lead to the birth of an innovative series of machineries all over the production field, with fundamental principles well clinging to more than 50 years of experience and a look at the future of all the innovations in the sector of cold finishing.

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