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The first step of the realization of our systems takes place in the design, thanks to our technical department. With the help of 3D CAD modelling and dedicated calculating program, our technicians study with the client the entire project, in order to adapt to the production needs required and to provide everytime innovative solutions.

We strongly believe that from every single cooperation can emerge the innovation and the progress needed to provide reliable, accurate and functional machineries.

Together with the mechanical design is developed the design of all the hydraulic, electrical and electronic plants.

A project manager constantly monitors all stages of the design to ensure its consistency with the specific plant.

The designers follow any changes ongoing during the construction or assembly phases, in order to get, at the end of the works, a real picture of what has been done throughout the project. At this point, all the work in the project is historicized and archived for each individual customer, like we have done for more than 50 years.



Landgraf has worked for years with a wide range of national and international suppliers, able to fully meet its requirements in both quantitative and qualitative terms, providing high precision and reliability components.

Thanks to a strong partnership with our suppliers and their flexibility we can optimize both the cost and the production timing of our plants, working together with a view to a continuous innovation and improvement.

Additionally, our factory is equipped with an efficient workshop for the internal production, where are processed a part of our machineries’ components and where are performed some adjustment process for the precision assembly.

This internal workshop was born together with the company over 50 years ago, and with it has developed. It is still works with highly qualified staff with roots in a strong tradition in mechanical processing, typical of the Italian tool makers.

In our factory, the quality control department tests all components produced in-house. It re-run the checks on the parts provided by external suppliers, so we can check whether each component completely respects the design specifications and is free from imperfections.

Then, it certifies every part of mechanical or commercial nature before splitting it in stock in the relevant order, ready for the next production phases.



The experience gained over the years allows us to organize the complete assembly of several plants simultaneously. All without affecting on settled times, thanks to a project design that guarantees a proper division of the machine’s parts into subgroups that can be assembled separately.

A team of expert assemblers takes every task with the utmost care, in constant contact with the technical department so that each step can be monitored also with appropriate reports that are part of the technical documentation of the machine.

While all the mechanical parts are assembled, it occurs the creation of the hydraulic system, the electrical system and the machine automation.

We are always proud to show our customers the construction and the assembly phases, so that they can realize the care and the precision of the way we work.



At the end of the assembly phase, the correct functioning of the system is tested and verified by us in our production buildings, then the customer is invited to control the system and to to sign its shipping authorization.

Before shipment is prepared appropriate packaging, depending on the type, location, duration to transport.

The installation of our machineries at the customer, as first step first involves the verification of the foundations and the equipment carried out by the customer.

Our technicians supervise the phases of assembly and testing, introducing the staff to the operational dynamics of the system: both as regards the production capacity, for all aspects of management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with the aid of appropriate system documentation supplied supplied by us.

The commissioning of the plant ends with the phase of testing / acceptance agreed with the customer that determines the start of the warranty period of the plant itself.

Our company offers a dedicated service with technologies for online diagnosis and test that can allow our technicians to interact with the system anywhere in the world.


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