Machines and complete plants

for the round bars

cold finishing


Within our product lines we can implement, according to the demands customers:


Further processing:


Like cutting to size or cut-butting with variable lengths using abrasive disc or insert.


Checks on material:

  • Continuously dimensional control by laser.
  • Straightness control of the material after the straightening in-line or out-line.
  • Ultrasound control to detect internal defects.
  •  Induced current control to verify surface defects.


Protection and packaging

  • Ringing of the material, which consist in the cover of the bar with a plastic rings in multiple zones, to avoid the surface contact between one bar and the other after unloading and during transport.
  • Surface protection material using paper or plastic.
  • Preparation of the hexagonal or round beam for the automatic packaging.


It’s important to remember that all solutions are fully integrated into the line, so we can give to the customer a single interface.


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