Machines and complete plants

for the round bars

cold finishing


and cracks that have been created in the material during its production cycle. This operations is accomplished with four opposed tools stuck on a flange of the hollow spindle.


We can arrive to ensure continuous dimensional tolerances on the diameter up to ISO IT8 and realize only with the procedure of peeling a surface roughness of Ra<1,1 microns.


The adjustment of the tool’s position, to remain in tolerance, is automatically controlled by a laser sensor that reads continuous data and a program that recalculates the new position for the tools.


We can provide on our peeling machine the rolling head, which is applied after the peeling head and realize a lapping of the surface in order to get a roughness up to Ra < 0.2 microns.


This result is obtained with four opposed rollers which are preloaded on the surface of the peeled bar, rolling and rubbing the small ridges and the imperfections left by the machining tools. The result at the sight is bright, almost to mirror.


Our plants are robust, designed to last and to work continuously in difficult conditions and with low maintenance, they are very simple and intuitive to use and can be adapted to the processing of all the metal alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous.


The LANDGRAF design ensures a functional plant easy to use, with no particular maintenance and with an interface created specifically for the operator that ensure accessibility, comfort and safety.


This is our entire product range:

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