Centerless Grinding Machine

Centrelless Griding Machine

What is it for and how does it work

Our grinding machines are able to achieve the highest standards on the dimensional tolerances of roundness and surface finish. Thanks to the extraordinary rigidity of the entire machine, they can avoid copying of pre-existing defects. The Landgraf grinding machines have two grinding spindles and differ mainly with respect to the classical centerless grinding for the way in which the bars are moved within the machine. The normal centerless grinding uses a contrast roller specially inclined opposite to the grinding wheel for the feed of the workpiece, or in this case of the bar. Our solution is to split the material’s removal area from the material’s advance area, by two pairs of disks placed one input and one output which roto-translate the material through the machinery.

What is gained with this philosophy?

  1. The obvious possibility for the same size to use two opposite grinding wheels in place of one only, doubles the abrasive material’s quantity but especially the installed power is converted into greater capacity for chip removal. We achieve unthinkable removals standards compared to a conventional machine, while still providing the geometry on the finished product. We reduce the number of passes required for the finished product thereby saving downtime for the moving of the material, energy and on the handling for the recirculation of the bars.
  2. The speed of the discs is controlled by four separate inverters which allow varying the rotation’s speed of the discs, which determines the variation of the speed of the bar’s rotation. But also may vary simultaneously the positioning of the height axis of the discs compared to the working axis bar. This allows the operator to change during the grinding of the material the feeding speed of the material. So it is possible to control the number of revolutions that the bar accomplishes with the constant federate.
Centerless Grinding Machine

Our models

Centerless grinding machine

Model R

High speed and reliability
(2 – 130 mm)

Centerless grinding machine

Model G

Extreme quality and performance
(1 – 130 mm)